The FootballChain Explorer lets you view data about transactions and activity on the FootballChain network. In addition to viewing activity on the network, you can use the Explorer to:
  • View up-to-date information about the activity and metrics on the FootballChain network.
  • Look up, verify, and track your assets and contracts.
  • Utilize fast, reliable, and transparent debugging and auditing data to help identify and resolve issues.
  • Get go-to-definition support for all smart contracts, referred to as packages in FootballChain.
  • View validators and geographic locations of currently active fullnodes.
In short, the FootballChain Explorer gives you a near real-time view into the status of the network and the activity related to the core on-chain entities. It serves these audiences and purposes by letting:
  • App developers understand the behavior of the smart contracts and sender-receiver transaction flows.
  • General users view and analyze FootballChain activity on key entities - transactions, blocks, accounts, and resources.

Finding your transaction

You can search for the transactions using an address, object ID, or transaction ID. For example, you can search for your wallet address to confirm a transaction or view additional details about a transaction you’ve approved.