NFT (soon)

The NFTs will be deployed according to the FRC20 and FRC1155 standards (same as ERC721 and ERC1155 on Ethereum, it is a standard interface for Non-Fungible tokens).
FootballChain will partner with content creators (influencers, celebrities, big communities,...) to publish NFT collections.

FootballChain NFT

The platform for creators and their fans to build strong communities around gamified NFT collections created by influencers and traded amongst their fans, FBC NFT is stylish, exciting, and easy-to-use. It enables access to the untapped potential of influencer communities brought about by popular social media networks like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube.
Platform has two primary functions - to provide a platform for everyone and anyone to join and to give the tools and platform for creators to seamlessly monetize their content communities through NFTfied interactions.


Creators are given step-by-step directions on the platform to generate their collections, they have complete creative control over their NFTs and the respective descriptions, they set initial prices and the launch date of their collections. Once the date is set, they can build up anticipation in communities and promote upcoming drops to fans.


Fans are introduced to FBC through engaging posts and content from their favorite creators. They are directed to the storefronts of their favored creators and are offered various options of getting involved, waiting for new drops, purchasing cards on the secondary market from already existing collectors, or getting a brand new pack from the current collection. A pack opening is tailored as an exciting and entertaining experience and the flow of purchasing and opening the pack to view the contents inside is intended to capitalize on the sense of scarcity, ownership, and excitement to own an extra special piece of their idol. After the pack opening follows the reveal of the cards and the respective serial numbers of the cards which are the core of what determines a card’s value. Fans can then buy and sell their cards on the FBC Marketplace, they are able to complete collections by obtaining other cards and are rewarded by their idols for achieving similar milestones on FBC. This creator and fan interaction will be a prime driver for engagement between the two groups on FootballChain.
FBC has created a unique and standardized approach to the creation, collection, distribution, and trading of NFTs which can be utilized by anyone with an active and enthusiastic community around them to bring their community engagement and interaction to a new level by bridging the divide between idol and fan with FBC NFTs.

Types of NFT

NFT collections consist of 10 unique cards, with 3 types of card rarity:
  • 5 Common cards
  • 3 Rare cards
  • 2 Legendary cards
Each card has its unique title, description, and a visual asset to allow creators to infuse their cards with more value and meaning.