GameFi is a combination of blockchain and game environment, allowing users to earn money just by playing games (known as P2E games) or using existing knowledge to answer quizzes (known as Q2E). Any game in existence now can be made into a blockchain game, with no restrictions on single or multiplayer modes with virtual reality environments. NFTs have been the fuel of these games, giving a use case to something notoriously previously known as “just a piece of art.”
FootballChain will provide developers with the ability to build entire virtual worlds and blockchain games on the FootballChain smart contract framework. As a result, FBC cryptocurrencies will enable users to participate in virtual gaming economies and share digital resources in their favorite metaverses.
The metaverse is an integration of augmented reality and virtual reality alongside blockchain technology. It is a virtual world that can be inhabited by potentially an unlimited number of people, all at the same time.
The expansion of projects in the metaverse category has spurred the innovation behind VR technology, building communities of like-minded individuals.
In the metaverse, users can live and work in a shared virtual space. Where people congregate, people will socialize — which gives rise to yet another new innovation in DeFi: SocialFi​